About Us
We provide a wide range of versatile management software as well as relevant accessories and hardware components, which free our potential users from hassle and heavy workload. Apart from the reliability and user-friendliness of our systems and software, we also furnish our users with comprehensive and probably unlimited support. With all these automated tools, the daily routine tasks have been made much easier.
BODET TIME SYSTEM specializes in delivering solutions for computer systems, software development and hardware communications.
we become one of the top leading providers in systems and software. While the IT industry has evolved to the mass adoption stage, changing the fabric of everyday life, businesses have just scratched the surface. Bodet Time System proactively develops our net-enabled infrastructure to achieve Prime Minister’s strategic plan – TOWARDS WAWASAN 2020.
Founded in December 1999 by a group of dedicated and innovative people with technical expertise, we anticipate and envision the massive growth of the IT industry. After years of relentless endeavor,