CIRTRIX 2000 (Time Management System)
CIRTRIX 2000 has been specifically engineered to manage time and attendance of several individuals working on fixed or flexible shifts. Whether your goal is to manage a small group of employees or even a large enterprise-wide system, CIRTRIX 2000 has the ability to cater to your needs. It provides data access features allow you to create and save your employee data and system settings to the most popular database format. Exceptions in an employee’s expected working hours are highlighted, including lateness, early departure, unapproved overtime and absences. It has the ability to export your database records to ASCII text files, allowing other programs to tap into your employee related data. CIRTRIX 2000 integrates with any payroll products such as TIME PAYS payroll. It also capable of import clockings from your polling file which makes linking to the popular Time Recorder devices such as proximity card recorders, Hand-Punch system and biometric finger-print systems.

Bodet Time System CIRTRIX 2000 provides outstanding features to facilitate your payroll processing tasks. Among its many powerful and unique features, to name a few, they are as follows:

  • User-friendly Interface with creative Icons display
  • Fast Data Polling
  • Easy Database Maintenance
  • Multiple Users with Network Compatibility
  • Customisation to Different Users
  • Data Capture through intergration with any Time Clocks
  • Flexible Daily Shifts, Roster Shifts with customised definable Schedules
  • User definable Actual Working Hours, Rounding Minutes, Early Departure, Lunch Break, Overtime, Lateness, etc
  • Attendance Incentives, Allowance Settings
  • Daily, Monthly, Periodically Reports
  • Anomalies Reports
  • Holiday Calendar
  • Global Parameters
  • Security Control Features
  • Useful Data exports to Charts Programs
  • Linkages to any Payroll Software
» Set The Fules
The Cirtrix2000 understands how to work with the many complex accrual rules found in organizations today. Time balances are kept current and the program automatically changes employees rate of accrual based on user defined accrual rules. Likewise, the system can also restrict the number of leave hours that may be carried over from one year to the next.

» Calculating and Tracking Benefits Time
The Cirtrix2000 application calculates the balances of each employee’s available and sick time. Leave time is administered, consistently, and automatically across all groups of employees throughout the organization. The Time Attendance:

  • Increase accuracy by eliminating error-prone manual calculation, tracking, and record keeping
  • Ensures compliance with labor law and turn your company’s benefit & leave time policies into practices
  • Improve productivity by checking abuse and empowering supervisors to manage their employee’s time off.

Time Entry and Validation
The Time Attendance System provides employers with a productivity tool that rings their time entry and validation process to the same levels of efficiency and accuracy as your human resource and payroll systems. The expenses associated with processing paper time cards are greatly reduced by the electronic processing of employee time

» Scheduling
The Time Attendance System incorporate a rules-based scheduling methodology that provides flexibility in establishing shifts, work weeks, pay periods, and schedules rotations. Schedules may be created for individual employees or for entire groups.

» Reporting
Many standard reports are available relating to employee time, attendance tracking, schedules to actual comparisons, pay policies, employee data, accrual balances, work history, schedules, and pay calculations. In addition, Cirtrix2000 can customize several reports to suit your needs.